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Online & Mobile Banking

With online banking, you can safely and securely access and manage your LAFCU accounts 24/7 from any device with Internet access.

Download MyLAFCU Mobile app for Apple or Google operating systems.

Sign Up Online

  • View account balances and transaction history
  • Make loan and Visa® credit card payments
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • View your online statements and cleared checks
  • Set up account and personal notifications and alerts
  • Link then view accounts you have at LAFCU and other financial institutions.
  • Send secure messages to LAFCU’s Member Services department
This is a secure, free, service that can help you better manage expenses.
  • Schedule payments for each payee anytime online or with our free MyLAFCU Mobile app.
  • Modify, add or delete your personal payee list
  • Set up one-time and recurring payments
  • Set up to receive eBills (if your payee offers it)
  • View payment history
Easily send money electronically 24/7 to anyone if you have their email address, mobile phone number, and their checking or savings account information. To sign up, log into Online Banking, go to Transfers, then select “External Transfers” or access it from your Mobile Device by selecting Popmoney.
  •  Send money to anyone.
  • View incoming payments, alerts and schedule payments
  • Get text or email notices when a payment has been made or received
  • Set up one-time or recurring payments
  • Free unlimited payments
  • Next day payments for $5 each
  • Request Money
Move money between your LAFCU accounts and your accounts at other financial institutions.
  • Set up your external account once.
  • Log into Online Banking, go to Transfers, then select “External Transfers.”
  • To set up, you just need your account number at the other institution.
Earn cash rewards after using your LAFCU debit card. It’s free to enroll and rebates are credited directly to your LAFCU account. Start earning extra cash in just three easy steps:
  • Log into Online Banking, then view the “Debit Card Rewards” section to select then activate exclusive cash-back offers.
  • Next, shop online or in stores with your LAFCU debit card.
  • Your earned cash/rebates will be deposited into your LAFCU checking account at the end of the month.
MX Money Management, our personal financial management program, is a leader in the data-driven money management industry and is a 6-time Finovate “Best of Show” winning user interface. Money Management offers you:
MX is a leader in the data-driven money management industry and is a 6-time Finovate “Best of Show” winning user interface. Money Management offers you:
  • The best data cleansing and categorization available.
  • The ability to see all your financial relationships in one place.
  • Help for improving your financial life.
Access: To access Money Management, you must log into Online Banking from our website at and not our mobile app. From the menu bar, click “Mange Money” and select Money Management. You must accept the User Agreement to use the service.

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The free app was designed specifically for use on mobile devices.
  • Download MyLAFCU Mobile app 
  • Register to use the app on the app
  • View a “Quick Balance” of your accounts (after you enable this feature)
  • “Touch ID” access available for certain mobile phones
  • View account balances and transaction history
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Make loan and credit card payments
  • Use Bill Pay to schedule payments for existing or new payees
  • Use “Popmoney” (in “More” section) to Pay Other People
  • In “Offers” (in “More” section) view the “Debit Card Rewards” you earned, then get cash back when shopping in-store or online at designated vendors with your LAFCU debit card.
  • “Messages” lists any “Alerts” you had previously set up using online banking.
  • Use the “Check Deposit” feature to quickly and securely deposit paper checks 24/7 into your LAFCU accounts that accept deposits. Just click “Deposit Checks”, accept the Terms and Conditions, then follow the on-screen directions. You can later view check images by accessing “History.”
It’s easy to request then quickly receive LAFCU account balances and transactions on your phone.
  • Enable this feature one time from the desktop version of online banking: Click “My Settings” then “Alerts & Notifications,” then “Start Text Banking Now”…then provide the requested info.
  • On your phone, enter the short code “454545” in the “To” section, enter one “Command,” then within seconds your request will be texted to you. Commands:
BAL: Balance for a primary account you had set up in online banking.
BAL ALL: Balances for all your LAFCU accounts (checking, savings, loans, & credit cards).
BAL CHK: Checking account balance.
BAL SAV: Savings account balance.
LAST: The last five transactions from your primary account.
TRANS: Transfer funds from savings to checking. Enter “TRANS” and the amount you want to transfer.